mixed use

client: Nulla

year: 2018

photos:  FUNKT






Nulla is a Bulgarian production service company. They approached us with a request to design an office space for them that extends to a bar for clients and friends after work hours.



The space that they had was situated in an old building in the centre of Sofia, with a very high ceiling – a double height of 4 meters facing the street, and a split level turning inwards, occupying half of the plan. The ground floor was conceived as the more attractive part hosting the bar and a meeting space, while the upper floor with the office space was hidden away from the street.

The wish of the client was for the design of the bar to have a few WOW elements, and to comply with some lighting requirements for the brightness of their monitors, which was important for their production work.



What was interesting about the space was that the floor was suspended to the ceiling. We designed and crafted the metal framework for this construction, and created screen walls on the level made of reinforced glass. We created custom-made lighting fixtures, like the ones in the Italian restaurant Lukullus in Uhingen, as well as the design for the custom doors.

details create the big picture / details create the big picture