timber space

realization 2017







Тhe company develops fuel economy software. Their field of activity is ecological and it was very important to make a sustainable and ecological office – natural materials, no plastics and plaster, economic illumination and heating systems etc.


the open space



According the brief, we transferred the typical open office space into a cozy working atmosphere with small translucent cabins with a wooden construction. Having a private space for making calls or just for focusing is very important for many professions.

The pavilions that we developed are multifunctional and can be rebuilt easily in totally different spaces, such as trading centers.


& construction


It’s no secret that we love working with wood. The years of experience we have gained in our carpentry workshop allow us to invent and develop new construction details that look great and work perfectly.

Wood is a “living material”, it changes over time, according to air humidity and temperature, and it is important to assemble it in a way that allows for these changes.







We currently have 2 such pavilions available. They could be assembled easily in an already existing space, allowing you to lock them and have full visibility from the outside as well. Check out our drawings and gallery for more information.