supa star ii


client: Supa Star II

year: 2016

photos: NASH DOM






Gradually Dondukov Boulevard is forming as a place with charming restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops. In the area you can try cuisine from different parts of the world, and many of the restaurants pay attention to healthy eating. Lively at any time of the day, the neighborhood is filled with people, especially during the lunch break. Thus, quite naturally, the restaurant with the most delicious soups in Sofia – Supa Star, chose Dondukov as its new address.



When they found the place, the owners appreciated its potential, despite its relatively poor condition. To begin with, we removed the suspended ceiling and found an almost double height above it, a ceiling with a “Prussian” vault and an arch. The walls were cleaned of oil paint and stripped to brick, and a solid parquet was used for the floor. The entire facade is glazed and the walkway opens with a mechanism designed by us, like almost all the interior furniture is.



The solution for the seats is round tables and chairs of different heights and sizes – so everyone can find the right place where they will feel good: there are large tables for large companies and small ones – for one or two. The vault takes cue from traditional paintings, but instead of floral elements, vegetables are used.