saatchi & saatchi


client: Saatchi & Saatchi

year: 2012

photos: Bravacasa






An informal, fun, flexible and inspiring work environment is a must for an advertising agency’s office. Saatchi & Saatchi understands this well and entrusted the redesign of their workspace to us. The challenge was not only to get out of the clichés for an office space, but also to design 30 workplaces, a conference hall, and relaxation areas, all in the small space of 150 m2.



Our first step was to strip the office from the boring plasterboard, carpets, and suspended ceilings, and to open and expand the space as much as possible, integrating into the main area the one hidden in one of the corridors. The workplaces were arranged around two types of hexagonal tables, so that creative teams can be grouped freely, according to the tasks. In the vacated space next to the windows, multifunctional areas were formed with small movable sofas – armchairs and tables designed by us – for relaxation, working with a laptop, reading, or for telephone conversations.

The materials contribute significantly to the industrial, youthful and informal appearance of the interior – the raw, unpainted MDF for the furniture, the shelves made out of cardboard boxes, the light fixtures at different heights. The ceiling – a patchwork of pallets, serves to conceal installations and at the same time break up the office environment.



The concept was to initiate a suitable framework for the artistic presence of the employees in the agency, an “unfinished” space, cleared of art decorations that the occupants can use to hang, glue, paint and adorn with their work. A simple gaze at the walls, shelves and windows shows that this happens with ease.