rakia bar

client:  Raketa Rakia Bar

year: 2012

photos: Nash Dom






The notorious rakia-bar-restaurant RAKETA (17 Yanko Sakazov Blvd.) is a real urban legend – it has existed since the 60s, and has even hosted the first wedding of Lyudmila Zhivkova. Later it changed its name to “Warsaw”, and its vast area was fragmented and constantly rearranged according to the political situation and tenants.


A key signature in the interior is the rich collection of socialist memorabilia. It shows the recent past in a new light, and is constantly growing with the participation of acquaintances and friends. The predominant materials that are used are wood and iron in the most authentic form possible, complemented by natural colors. The reconstruction of the venue was completed in exactly 40 days.

The old steel window frames opening up to the garden are preserved, and from the high “gossip” chairs there is an excellent view to Zaimov Park. The parquet floor is arranged at right angles by tongue and groove. Naturally it creaks, but it’s part of the socialist mise-en-scène. 

The chairs are from a Bulgarian manufacturer, upholstered with visible pins in the textile from which coats and suits were often sewn in that time period.

Collector’s coins are built into the tables, which were preserved and repainted, and the countertops were “branded” with red pentacles. The Q-tuk sofa and the light fixtures are designed and made by FUNKT.

The restaurant’s logo is a nod to the logo of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.