client: Proznanie

year: 2013

photos: NASH DOM






The office is located in Sofia, in an old apartment of 200 sq.m with transitional rooms. Both the cornices on the ceilings and the flooring have been preserved, and maintain a curious dialogue with the new custom-made lighting fixtures and the furniture. The task was to execute a makeover of the office space with minimal intervention, funds and time.


old meets

In a very short time – less than three months, and with a reasonable budget, this old Sofia apartment was transformed into a comfortable and welcoming office for a company with predominantly young employees. The place had the common disadvantages corresponding to old apartments – bad spatial distribution, transitional rooms, inappropriate wiring and many elements that needed repair. Instead of hiding everything behind plaster and buying expensive office furniture, we decided to use the potential of the old apartment.

The main room was planned to accommodate the maximum number of workplaces without overloading the space. The cables were left visible to bring in an industrial aesthetic. The cornices, the old doors and the flooring have been preserved to reinterpret the past of the residence in a new, modern context. All furniture is made of plywood and pine with our own signature details.


And of course, we wouldn’t complete an office without numerous quirky design details. Each niche was used functionally. The sofa, lamps and shelves are of our own doing. The doors have been restored on a minimal budget with metal panels and new mechanisms. We’ve provided a place to relax, furnished with a sofa and a lamp, and also a sofa turning into a dining table, project and execution by yours truly. Here, and elsewhere in the office, white foil taped to the wall is used for writing instead of a blackboard. The conference room is also a place for play. The choice of relaxation places is enriched with an installation of a Swedish wall, a swing and a kind of bed on top, for the sake of getting out of “The Matrix” for a while.