plus tova


client: PLUSTOVA

year: 2012

photos:  Vasil Tanev, Mihail Novakov






PLUSTOVA filled in a gap in Sofia’s cultural live. A place that provides an active platform for the manifestation of Bulgarian design was needed. We knew that Bulgarian design products were on the map, but we thought they had to be promoted. The space now works as a showroom for design objects and furniture. + TOVA  exhibits and sells design pieces. As a public platform +TOVA works on the principles of self-organization – everyone with an idea or design could participate and organize an event.


PLUSTOVA is a meeting and event space with a kitchen, bar and design shop. The place is constantly changing depending on exhibitions and events and  always surprise the clients with something new.

The store presents design objects and books by leading Bulgarian authors.

photo credits: Vasil Tanev


This is us 10 years ago. Apart from the interior design, we crafted almost everything for the place and transformed it from a weird air conditioning storage into what it is now. Before we met Joanna /the owner/ we dreamed of creating a similar type of space and that’s how our partnership was born.

photo credit: Mihail Novakov