client: MATRAX  /  SAGITTA

year: 2021







The project engaged us in the reconstruction and renovation of an existing office building in Sofia. The client came to us with the need to rethink and breathe life into the building of which he had become the new owner. We made a series of interventions in both the exterior and interior to reconcile them in harmony so that they begin to exist together as one organism.



The first step was to redesign the ground floor for the client’s business purposes – a bed and mattress store, for which, in addition to the interior project, we developed and produced a bed with our own custom product design. It was conceived as a focal element in the showroom and is offered as part of the company’s product range.

The photos of the showroom below are by Matrax. 



The next step was to rethink the exterior – we simplified the volumetric shape of the building by developing specific sun-shading metal elements in the corners that made it more recognizable. We also did a complete renovation of the North facade and entrance of the building.



The top floor, which was to become the company’s new office space, required a complete makeover. By designing a new roof with skylights, we incorporated the northern terraces into the interior in order to expand the limited area the office was supposed to fit in. On the East, West and South sides, we have built a strong connection with the outside environment and the roof terraces, through new large windows, completely rethinking the layout of the floor. The main challenge was handling the small space saturated with functionality, the lack of light, and the low ceiling height. We resolved those issues with the use of simple shapes, light colors, natural materials and transparency, to achieve maximum of spaciousness and light. Refined roof terraces became an integral part of the office space, as outdoor work, meeting and relaxation areas.

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