client: Kafeyko

year: 2019

photos:  Tihomir Rachev






Kafeyko is a new type of bistrot situated in the lobby of one of the office buildings in the Sofia business district. Every single element of the interior is made of natural materials – solid conifer wood for the decorative constructions (panels and above bar ornaments), solid oak and ash for the tables and solid marble for the bar. The idea is to blend the intrinsic cosiness of the wood with the formal coldness of the corporate world and thus to create a perfect ambience for relaxation while still in a business building.


Inside Kafeyko we built two wooden “tunnels” – one of them dedicated for kids, and the other one creates secluded space for business meetings “tete-a-tete” or just for enjoying a nice book while on your break.

An interesting detail of the project is that we didn’t use any glue or screws in the making of the furniture and the decorations but mainly threaded bars and nuts. That allowed us to create almost indefinitely long elements which can be taken apart for seconds and shortened or made longer if need be. That, for example, enabled us to create 9-meter-long bar table at the front of the bistrot.


All the lighting is placed on top of the wooden “huts” along with pots of creeping plants. In a couple of years, the plants will engulf the lighting and the roofs of the huts and the final fusion of the business world and nature will be finally completed.

Lastly, we developed the branding of Kafeyko to compliment the furniture – all the lettering is made of different types of contrasting wood. Another interesting bit are the wooden panels which represent the two mountains surrounding the business district which is situated in a valley, locked by the aforementioned mountains. They are literally just behind the two walls of the building.