rainbow factory II


client: Rainbow Factory

year: 2017

photos:   FUNKT






Fabrika Daga, or Rainbow Factory in translation, is a fast food restaurant for high quality seasonal food, coming from local farmers, focusing on craft and materials in both food and design. It takes up an area of 68 m2. 



This is the second venue of the Fabrika Daga brand. It offers a breakfast and a lunch menu, and the best coffee in town, focusing on the high quality of food, coming from local farmers. The design of the space follows the character and the use of materials of the first venue, developing a strong crafty, industrial feeling. Everything has been designed specifically for the place –the marble bar, which is the unique shiny element there, chairs, tables, furniture, doors and mechanisms and has been produced by our workshop and local craftsmen. No element is designed just for decoration, each has been developed due to the need of its function, and even the wall with the oak laths is improving the acoustics of the space, apart from creating a strong graphic identity for this newborn space. We’ve put focus on the entrance, by crafting a solid oak door, continuing the design of the first venue, where we’ve designed and crafted a very recognizable solid timber storefront. The raw concrete ceiling was the only surface empty of particular function. That’s where the hanging garden appears. The plants on the ceiling create a feeling of coziness and refresh the air, diffusing the warm light coming from above.



Both venues of Fabrika Daga have become, in a very short time, favorite places to visit in Sofia, for both locals and tourists. Since its opening, the second Rainbow factory has always been full of people, having the atmosphere of a public square, as the façade fully opens to the exterior. 

The choice of materials is all natural, using steel, marble, birch plywood, solid oak and pine. No fabricated pieces of furniture have been used, everything was designed uniquely for the place and then produced by either us or local craftsmen, developing the industrial and crafty feeling of the Rainbow factory.