client:  Cosmos 

year: 2016

photos: Tihomir Rachev






The brief was to create a restaurant of class that shows the cosmic connection between space, design, food, drinks, music, light. The aim is to achieve a harmonious experience inspired by the cosmic order. At the core of the concept is the local cuisine in a contemporary author reading. The owner wanted to have a unique light atmosphere, which was created by FUNKT and Pixl Factory in the design of kinetic lighting fixtures. 


The theme of locality was expressed through the materials used in the project. Acoustic panels on the ceiling consist of gabions filled with layers of trimmed old blankets, bought from low-income locals. Clients often recognize in them typical patterns of their childhood. A major element of formgiving is a cube standing vertically on its diagonal, and its resulting projection – a hexagon. These components give shape to shelves, lighting, paneling and flooring.


The plot is complexly arranged, with two floors at its rear, and a gallery to the side of a double height patio. The central element is a huge mirror funnel-luminaire which introduces natural light reflections downstairs, wherein the illuminating mirror cubes-lamps make the walls come alive with their moving shadows. The main walkway is highlighted by spherical kinetic lamps alluding to planets, standing still and rearranging.