boom burgers


client: Boom Burgers / & Booze

year: 2014 / 2016

photos: Funkt






Burgers needed a place to be.

In 2013 the first Boom! Burgers is opened in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. As expected the things went pretty well – who wouldn’t like juicy burgers made from the world’s best beef.

Since the beginning of Boom! the owners had the dream to have a food truck, and in June 2015 this dream came true – they launch their first Boom! Truck in Lithuania. Serving great burgers all over Lithuania – cool festivals and events in different cities. 

The story went forward with the opening of 2 restaurants in Bulgaria with Funkt design. The first location is at Karnigradska Str, a cozy and stylish space with a show-kitchen. Definetely the best burgers in town.


and cocktails

In its new place Boom! continue with the core concept of making burgers the best way possible. We preserved open show kitchen style that allows guests to watch them being prepared, with the option of even sitting at the burger bar and eating there.

In addition to Boom!’s specialty, in the new location they decided to try something new, and again with the pretense of doing it in the best way – cocktails. Craft cocktails, which means that they prepare everything themselves and do not use ready-made syrups. They claim that their Bloody Mary named Bloody Boom! is one of the best in town.
In addition to the cocktails at the bar, you can also enjoy a unique selection of limited whiskeys that go perfectly with the burgers. The beer selection is even richer as they have added some of the best and award-winning beers in the world.