client: Private

year: 2017

photos: Funkt






The renovated apartment is one of the several in an architectural monument house on Rakovski Street. Located in the heart of city center of Sofia, 5 minutes from the Opera house, the building has always been inhabited by sculptors, actors and different people from the art and aristocratic society of Sofia.


By its original design, the apartment had an entry foyer to a kitchen, bathroom, inner vestibule and a cabinet. The living room and two bedrooms were accessible through the central vestibule. Small, but well-thought-out interventions that took place during the renovation changed the dynamics and communications between different spaces. We wanted to adapt this typical for its age plan to the contemporary use of a home.



The dining room, kitchen opening up to a balcony and the living room, are now connected into one sequence, one spacious volume that links both fronts of the building, providing supplementary views to the street and the courtyard. The layout is still the same: the apartment comprises of an entrance room, a bathroom, a master bedroom, a kids room, a dining room in the middle, a kitchen and 2 living rooms.


Our main goal has been to create a spacious and light interior with natural materials and fine wooden details. Home with calm and cozy atmosphere, where volume and space is dominant. The idea was to renovate the apartment in a way to become a modern family home, by keeping and restoring all its remaining original architectural details. With those guidelines, the original floor at the entrance, radiators and all original doors were restored. In order to preserve the original look of the building facade, windows were reconstructed to match the original wooden frames.The ceiling has been painted in slightly darker tone, as an interpretation of long lost original decor. We have collaborated with local Bulgarian artist Studio Tochka & Tochka for additional details such as lighting, tiles and decoration.