client: private

year: 2020

photos: Tihomir Rachev







Location and construction

We offer you a fully finished spacious apartment in a new building on GM Dimitrov Blvd., near Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd. The flat is on the 7th floor of a nine-story building and offers incredible views to the greenest parks in Sofia, as well as to Vitosha mountain. There is a central heating, elevator, underground parking, and a cozy green area only for those living in PARKVIEW RESIDENCE. The building is a high-class construction, with Certificate for Habitation since 2019 and all finishing and interior works were done in 2020.

Interior design and furniture – FUNKT

It would not be an exaggeration if we say that this project is every architect’s dream come true. We worked in a building whose floor plans we made and supervised. We had the optimal living space with well-planned premises and maximum functionality.

We follow through the whole process of planning, constructing and finishing the residence and especially this apartment. 

Once PARKVIEW RESIDENCE construction was completed, FUNKT took over the finishing works, the interior solutions and the manufacturing of the furniture in the whole apartment. The result is a unique, original design by FUNKT, combining clean lines and natural materials in a cozy and modern aesthetic. We did everything in this apartment as if we were doing it for ourselves, with our vision of home and functionality, and with top-of-the-line materials, we consider both stylish and sustainable. 

Quality and execution

We guarantee that the materials and details of execution in the whole building are without any compromise. The heating system meets the highest requirements, the windows are REHAU with triple glazing for heat and sound insulation, the entrance doors are SOLID 55 with magnetic locks, and the flooring in the common areas is granite.

We delegated the finishing works in the apartment to trusted subcontractors with whom our studio has been collaborating for years. All furniture is tailor-made specifically for this apartment and is handcrafted in our own atelier – with attention to every detail and the distinctive (already well recognized) FUNKT style.

The wooden floors are natural oak boards, the interior doors are from SOLID 55, the lighting is LED and could be remotely adjusted. Most furniture is made of natural wood, metal and high-quality textiles. You will find additional information about the specific details of the interior in the description of each of the rooms.


functional living area

The living room is the most spacious place in the apartment, as it should be in any modern home. The net area is 22 square meters, and the connection with the dining room and the kitchen suits the way we spend our time at home – cooking, eating and relaxing together. The French windows and their exposition provide a constant soft natural light.

 The LED lighting is designed by our studio for that apartment specifically. It has 4 levels of dimming that could be controlled remotely. 

 All furniture is made of natural wood, and the mixing of different types of timber is a sought-after effect.

The library and the shelves provide enough space for your books, memories and decoration. The long pine bench table is designed to accommodate both a large TV and the family photographs or paintings.

 The sofa is EXTRAFORM with wool fabric, extremely comfortable and with adjustable headrests. We combined it with a set of two solid ash tables so you can rest and enjoy the park view and the romantic sunsets. 

 The living room is spacious enough so that you can rearrange the furniture to your liking or add an extra item or two if necessary. 

 The terrace faces west to Vitosha mountain, the zoo and the beautiful sunsets. There is enough space for two garden chairs and a small table.


& dining

Spacious, practical, tidy. Every kitchen with a dining room should meet those requirements, so we say. What we’ve done here is a kitchen order along a single wall, high-quality materials and easy to maintain surfaces.

The lower case is EGGER Perfect Sense Matt (it’s a coating that prevents fingertip marks) with built-in solid oak handles. The doors of the upper cabinets are made of plywood, veneered with oak and an elegant diagonal flader, and a solid wood frame.

The countertop, the kitchen back and the built-in sink are made of natural marble. We consider it the best choice not only because of its aesthetics but also because it is quite convenient – you can safely place hot dishes on top of it. All marble surfaces are also impregnated so that they do not absorb coffee, wine, citrus or other staining liquids. 

The appliances are from BOSCH high-end line – 4 built-in hobs, oven, dishwasher. extractor hood, and a freestanding refrigerator. Under the upper cabinets there is built-in LED lighting, and the counter provides enough space and sockets for all other small appliances. 

The dining table is a unique piece and is made of solid wood – oak and ash. It is designed and handcrafted for this interior by our carpenters’ team. The chairs are our best-selling model – extremely comfortable for both dining and working.



Our vision for the perfect bedroom is to radiate intimacy and tranquility, to have enough space for clothes and personal belongings, and to be ‘our place’. We can proudly say that we managed to make the most of the space and gather everything in this bedroom without jam-packing it. You can relax, work or even work out here. 

The furniture is made of solid wood, natural oak veneer and is equipped with smooth closing mechanisms.

The bed is queen size /160 × 200 cm/ with large, functional drawers rigged under it. The height of the bedside tables is adjusted to the height of the window sill for aesthetic and convenience reasons.

The access to the bathroom is converted into a separate wardrobe area with two separate wardrobes, each with two functional compartments – one with shelves and drawers, and one with hangers and drawers. One side of each wardrobe is lined with a full-length mirror.

Opposite the wardrobes we situated a stand-alone desk with drawers, which can be used as a dressing table or a home office space. Yes, there are sockets and a LAN output above the counter.

The Swedish ladder is … a real Swedish ladder 🙂 For motivation and morning workouts. If you are not using it for exercise, it can serve as a TV stand opposite the bed. We have provided cable outlets behind the bars. 

The bathroom is lined with Italian full-body type granite tiles /120×120 cm/ with grout joints for easy maintenance. The bathtub is matte gray with velvet coating, manufactured by the well-known Greek factory Acrylan. The faucet is GROHE with thermostatic control and a large shower head with adjustable flow power.

The sink is IDEAL STANDARD, the toilet bowl and the built-in system are both GROHE.

The cabinet under the sink is made of oak veneer and fills in the whole niche so that it can contain all toiletries and other items necessary in a bathroom. The mirror has LED lighting and gives enough light in front of the sink.

The bathroom heater has an elegant design and is made to order matching the color of the tiles. It is also equipped with a ring for drying towels. As you can see, we have added all basic bathroom accessories so that it is ready to use. 



Who wouldn’t want a room like that? Our goal was a neutral design suitable for all ages since the room can be used either as a kid’s place, a study or a guest room. 

Its greatest asset is the panoramic window with the incredible vistas towards Vitosha, the Zoo and Loven park.

Children need enough space to play, but also enough functional solutions for arranging and storing all their toys and games. We went for wooden furniture in light tones, putting only the essentials without cluttering the space.

 Next to this room is the second bathroom in the apartment, with similar equipment as the other one – matte granite full-body tiles with anti-slip surface, Acrylan bath with a velvet finish, whirlpool nozzles, mixers GROHE with thermostatic control and large shower head with adjustable flow power.  There’s a large double sink from IDEAL STANDARD, toilet and built-in system – high-end line from GROHE.



The apartment welcomes you with a spacious hall with a large wooden wardrobe and a full-length wooden frame mirror. The direct daylight from the kitchen window and the large mirror creates a feeling of openness, and the wooden floors add a sense of coziness from the very entrance.

To the right is the service room with yet another sink and toilet. There is an installed washing machine and fitting cabinets for detergents, as well as enough space for a dryer if you want one.

 By all means, the exposed concrete ceiling is the most outstanding element in the apartment. The contrast it creates with the glass lighting fixtures and the wooden furniture makes it one of the most important elements of the whole home design.

The lighting solution is extremely cost-efficient and easily adjustable.  

Come see yourself what we’ve created with this apartment. You will be hosted by someone from our team who’s been involved in the project from start to finish and will give you detailed information about each detail, material, appliance or piece of furniture.

 We’ve put all our minds and hearts into this interior design, along with all our expertise and vision on coziness and lifestyle. We hope to find like-minded fellows who share our aesthetics and sense of wellbeing.