competition / shortlisted

winery complex

year / 2016

This project is an architectural design for the construction and operation of AYA wine gallery – a winery complex with tasting rooms, an adjacent restaurant, a conference room, a hotel with spa and a pool, and an agricultural area and park. The houses for the owners are also situated in the property, as well as diverse complementary elements and routes.








The main concept for the complex is its grafting into the natural terrain in an unobtrusive way. The components of the brief are broken down into multiple buildings scattered around the property as an interconnected network, similar to historically developed urban settlements. In the project proposal not only the buildings are important, but also the links between them, how they form a system and create a number of possible scenarios for visitors to spend their time in harmony with nature through the additional park elements. This park could create an entirely new social identity, complementing the basic idea of the complex – wine.


The methods of construction are the vernacular of the region – solid stone masonry ground floors, timber structures above ground and visible roof eaves. The monolithic construction is divided into structural elements of architectural concrete and stone masonry infill/cladding in order to combine modern building techniques with historical context. The roofs of the winery and restaurant have a suitable angle for placing photovoltaic panels. The eaves of all buildings are large to prevent excessive sunlight.

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