slavyanska 18-20


client: private

year: 2014

renders: FUNKT






The project brief consisted of the reconstruction of buildings, part of architectural heritage blocks in the central part of Ruse. The intervention enables the coexistence of the new residential and the public function, preserving the historical artefacts and spirit. The interior spaces are more open and flexible to change, while the roof trusses are newly designed according to the current purposes of the buildings.




We were approached with a brief to reconstruct neglected buildings that had a façade with cultural heritage status. They were looking into a busy street. The wish of the client was to accommodate the ground floor with a commercial use, and separate the upper floors as b&b’s. A private apartment on the top floor was also planned. The two buildings were neighbors, and so their ground floor was joined and designed as a restaurant. Some curious details of the project include preserved artifacts of the old building like cast iron columns and vaulted ceilings. The timber roof trusses are entirely new.