econt academy


client: Econt

year: 2017

renders: FUNKT






The site of this project is located in Vetovo municipality, in the village of Pisanets, and inherits as a base an existing school building. The contracting client wished to renovate it and transform it into a training center that hosts accommodation and a restaurant. The existing building is U-shaped with a tall two-story volume oriented North-South in a reinforced concrete frame, and two one-story volumes, with the East one including a basement due to the peculiarities of the terrain.




From a constructive point of view, the building was built in two stages – first the low bodies, and later the high monolithic body. The site’s terrain modification was reduced to a minimum in correspondence with the existing levels. The main access to the site was maintained, but we added an entrance route for pellet loading, and a separate entry point for the loading of the restaurant amenities. A ramp was added to give mobility access. Other spatial features that were implemented in our new design were the garden next to the restaurant, the existing external toilets retrofitted into a sauna, and two adjoining landscape ponds.





The academy hosts a simulation office of Econt Express and training rooms. Two of the old rooms are connected and converted into a large sports hall with portable partition. Some of the existing classrooms are used as multi-purpose training rooms. The existing physical education hall is transformed into a multifunctional hall with a stage and 48 seats.

One of the volumes houses a newly designed staircase servicing the second and third floors, the hall storage, the laundry room, storage, toilets and showers. Bedrooms are located in the newly acquired habitable attic spaces. This level also hosts a meeting room, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a one-volume multifunctional space. There is also a designated small apartment for the host of the building with its own bathroom.