client: private

year: 2008

photos: FUNKT






The owners wanted to have a small detached house with a sloping roof and a double height living room. Thanks to our strict construction supervision and the perfectionism of the owners, the house was realized without changes from the original design. The house is located on an area of 420 m2.


The form building of the house is characterised by three steps. The original volume is a rectangular prism that contains the entire space. The prism is cut by the black strip of the roof, thus clearing the excess volume and opening up more views. The final step is to place the openings and complete the new volume by functionally cutting the walls to frame the desired views. The zinc strip protrudes from the outline of the volume to form the eaves, terraces and special niches for the sofa on the first floor and for the bed on the second, so that there is no unused space behind the furniture.

The house opens up to a variety of views through the slope of the roof, and the inclination of the walls follows the natural position of the body when leaning – an angle of 105 degrees. The windows are on the plane of the facade, and the gutters are hidden in special niches in the structure and the ten-centimeter thermal insulation.