We respect the history and our projects are CONTEXTUAL.

collider, sport center design, architecture, building

Our passion is to create NEW TYPES OF SPACES and humanize the architecture with natural materials and COURAGE.

cosmos, restaurant design, gourmet restaurant

We produce NEW DESIGN furniture and lighting for the UNIQUE identity of your place.

We love the small details

and the traditional craftsman techniques

wooden pavilion

wooden pavilions FOR SALE


We bring old things to life, using them in a new way.


FUNKT is a studio for architecture, interior and product design.

We have been together for more than 10 years, during which time we have accomplished many private and public spaces, participated in numerous exhibitions, competitions and festivals.

The idea of establishing FUNKT studio came from the desire of three people to manage their time, energy and way of expression. The name of the studio is related to functionality, which is FUNKT’s essential principle in architecture and design. Our desire is to create surrounding spatial environment in order to educate various social groups, to make people think and trigger their emotions. FUNKT hopes that our work will make a contribution to the creation of a more human, sustainable and relaxed atmosphere.

FUNKT е студио за архитектура, интериорен и продуктов дизайн.

Заедно сме от 2007 година и за това време в портфолиото ни има емблематични обществени пространства, сгради, интериори и авторски продуктов дизайн. Участвали сме в много изложби, конкурси, а публикации за нас има по цял свят.

Името FUNKT произлиза от функционалността, която важен принцип за нас. Архитектурата трябва да бъде естетична, за да възпитава добър вкус, да бъде модерна и интересна, за да работи добре за вашия бизнес, но в нея всичко трябва да има функция, за да имат смисъл вложените средства. С работата си се опитваме да създаваме среда, която е максимално удобна и приятна за хората и щадяща околната среда и природата.